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Kent Nanotek InfinaKent Nanotek Infina

The Kent Nanotek Infina is a light and pleasant tasting cigarette that is ideal for smokers who prefer a milder taste. Containing 1mg of tar and 0.2mg of nicotine per cigarette, this blend is a natural choice for cigarette lovers who prefer a light nicotine buzz without an overwhelming chemical taste. Kent Nanotek Infina cigarettes are known to have a smooth even burn. This cigarette is perfect for parties and other gatherings where a mild scent is preferred.

Kent Nanotek Infina cigarettes stand out thanks to their distinctive packaging. The futuristic design features shades of dark and light silver in a trendy pattern, making it clear that this is the cigarette for innovators and visionaries. The attractive box is one that you will always be proud to carry. In addition to this cigarette's smooth tobacco blend, its charcoal filter ensures an even and pleasant taste from beginning to end. This cigarette is available in cartons of 200 cigarettes to guarantee that you always have your favorite brand on hand.

Cheap Kent cigarettes

Kent is a cigarette brand, which is well-known all around the world. It is manufactured by British American Tobacco Company, one of the largest cigarette producers in the world. Kent cigarettes are characterized with essentially high quality, rich-blended tobacco and aroma. But probably the most prominent feature of Kent cigs is their special charcoal filter, a unique invention of this label. Moreover, those were Kent cigarettes which became first cigs with filter. The brand's history starts in 1952, and it was naturally named after the founder, Herbert Kent.

Kent Nanotek NeoKent Nanotek Neo

Kent Nanotek Neo cigarettes boast a smooth, natural taste, without the chemical undertones of many cigarettes. The Kent filter removes more tar and nicotine than any other brand, meaning more protection at an incredibly competitive price. The natural taste is paired with an aromatic and pleasant smell. Kent Nanotek Neo's slim tubing has a surprisingly long burn time to prolong the pleasure of each cigarette.

The relaxing nicotine buzz of the Kent Nanotek Neo makes for an excellent break in a stressful day. Best of all, the slim box design makes these cigarettes easy to fit in almost any pocket or purse. Whether you need a break while on the go or need to wind down the day, these cigarettes give you the great natural taste you long for. Buy cheap Kent Nanotek Neo at!

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Kent Deluxe 100 Soft PackKent Deluxe 100's Soft Pack

Kent Deluxe 100's Soft Pack carries on the fine tradition of quality that the brand has become famous for. The popularity of the Kent brand can be largely traced back to the company being one of the first cigarette manufacturers to introduce a filter to their products. With the addition of the filter back in 1954, Kent developed a new slogan; "Kent takes out more nicotine and tar than any other leading cigarette - the difference in protection is priceless." This motto, along with the company's continuing commitment to use fewer chemicals and additives has made products like the Kent Deluxe 100's Soft Pack extremely popular with smokers around the globe.

All of the ingredients that go into making Kent Deluxe 100's Soft Pack cigarettes are top notch. These full-flavored cigarettes deliver a pleasant taste that's not overwhelming. Kent Deluxe 100's Soft Pack cigarettes have a rich flavor that never leaves behind a chemical aftertaste. Sold in cartons of 10 packs, each white and black pack contains 20 long cigarettes hidden beneath a crisp gold foil.

Kent Blue 100'sKent Blue 100

Created in 1952, Kent cigarettes were the first brand to start using a filter to significantly reduce the amount of tar and nicotine that smokers were exposed to. Since that time Kent has focused on making products like Kent Blue Futura 100's safer, focusing on using less chemicals and additives. The result is a fine tobacco product that is flavorful, aromatic and refreshing.

Kent Blue 100's cigarettes are often celebrated for their slow burn, which allows smokers to really savor the experience. Each 100mm cigarette has the same great full-flavored taste that you've come to expect from this well-loved brand. Thanks to their signature charcoal filter, these cigarettes never give way to the chemical aftertaste often present in other cigarette brands. The filter used in these cigarettes is meant to reduce the impurities smokers are exposed to, without compromising on the flavor and aroma that smokers enjoy. Kent Blue Futura 100's cigarettes are sold in cartons with 10 packs. Each pack contains 20 100mm long cigarettes.

Kent WhiteKent White

Designed for the customer that enjoys a light cigarette, Kent White Infina has a clean, milky taste that is never harsh. With the finest blend of tobacco and just 1mg of tar and 0.1mg of nicotine, this light cigarette has a classic flavor that never gives way to a chemical aftertaste. Like the rest of their line, Kent cigarettes have a commitment to limits the use of chemicals and additives in their products.

Smooth and easy to smoke, Kent White Infina is meant to be savored during your precious moments of relaxation. This cigarette has a clean and simple design aesthetic. Each Kent White Infinia cigarette is rolled in a smooth white paper with a charcoal filter embellished with a silver ring and the Kent logo. The exterior of the pack matches the pure, simple aesthetic of the cigarettes inside. Sold in cartons of 10 packs, each pack contains 20 sticks. Cheap Kent White at our store..

Kent Silver Neo 100's Kent Silver Neo 100's

Kent Silver Neo 100's are perfect for the smoker who's looking for a light cigarette with a bite. A classic light cigarette with a smooth reliable flavor, each cigarette has a light but moderate 0.3mg of nicotine. Kent Silver Neo 100's have the brand staple of including a charcoal filter in an effort to reduce the amount of chemicals and additives that consumers are exposed to.

Kent Neo Silver 100's are popular across the globe. The pleasant taste and the slow even burn of this cigarette is a main attraction for many smokers. Not to mention the sleek package design of the Kent Silver Neo packaging. The white box is embellished with stylish metallic silver design that highlights the cool effect of lighting this reliable smoke. Sold in cartons that contain 10 packs, each pack contains 20 cigarettes rolled in a crisp white paper. Discount Kent Silver Neo 100 + free shipping..

Cheap KentKent cigarettes

Kent cigarettes are a great choice for those looking for a strong flavorful cigarette. Their great taste is preserved by a specially designed charcoal filter to minimize the inhalation of impurities without compromising the flavor and aroma of the cigarettes. Already a popular choice for many Americans, Kent cigarettes are made under the authority of British American Tobacco and are available to be shipped worldwide.

The robust flavor is not the only thing that makes Kent cigarettes a unique and attractive cigarette for many consumers. The visual aesthetic of this cigarette is just as appealing as the taste. Sold in a simple, yet sleek white and black box, each Kent cigarette is wrapped in a smooth, crisp white paper that has a delicate gold embellishment next to the name, which is printed in black on the filter. These cigarettes are sold in cartons that hold 10 packs. Each individual pack contains 20 king-sized Kent cigarettes.

Kent Original TasteKent Original Taste

Kent Original Taste cigarettes are ideal for smokers who enjoy the classic taste of this full-flavored brand. The standard for what a filtered cigarette should taste like, Kent was one of the first brands to implement a filter in their cigarette to reduce the impurities that smokers are exposed to. This tradition of creating a quality product that limits the intake of chemicals and additives has made Kent Original Taste cigarettes a crowd pleaser worldwide.

Kent Original Taste cigarettes have a pleasant taste and a rich aroma. The slow burn on these cigarettes allows you to really sit back and enjoy each inhale of this fine product. The traditional aesthetic of these cigarettes is also attractive. Each cigarette is rolled in a smooth white paper, with a faux cork filter. The exterior package is white, with brown detailing and logos. Sold in cartons of 10, each pack of Kent Original Taste cigarettes contains 20 sticks.

Kent Blue FuturaKent Blue Futura

Kent Blue Futura cigarettes are a premium light smoke that carries on the illustrious tradition of this much loved brand. Since its introduction to the market in 1952, Kent have been regarded as the cigarette to turn to when you want less tar and nicotine in delightfully flavorful smoke. Kent was one of the first brands to include a filter in their cigarettes, and it's said that this signature charcoal filter is the secret behind this is the company's success. The attention to detail and focus on taste has led to the extreme popularity of Kent Blue Futura. These full-flavored, yet mild cigarettes are loaded with a great taste that won't leave behind any discernible aftertaste.

Each Kent Blue Futura cigarette contains 0.6mg of nicotine, making them an excellent choice for those who enjoy a flavorful cigarette without leaving behind too large of a buzz. Brand loyal smokers love that Kent Blue Futura gives off a mild, but fragrantly rich aroma when they are being smoked. Made under the authority of British American Tobacco in Europe, these cigarettes often hard to come by cigarettes are ready to be shipped worldwide.

Kent Silver NeoKent Silver Neo

Kent Silver Neo cigarettes offer a smooth taste that is consistent and rich. This high quality cigarette offers a pleasant nicotine sensation without any artificial chemical tastes. Ideal for the weekend indulger or the smoking connoisseur, Kent Silver Neo cigarettes are characterized by their rich tobacco flavor. Purchasing 100-piece cartons of this well-known cigarette brand ensures that you will always have the perfect addition to a social gathering, whether it is a black-tie party or a casual barbeque.

Instantly recognizable by their crisp white packaging adorned with space-age silver geometric designs, Kent Silver Neo cigarettes are the answer if you are looking for a delicious, slow-burning, and calming solution to your smoking needs. These cigarettes feature 3-Tek technology, which means that each cigarette has a triple-charcoal filter, ensuring a smooth and luxurious taste. With 0.4 mg of nicotine in each stick, Silver Neos give you a light pleasant buzz that you expect from a premium brand, but without the chemical aftertaste present in other cigarettes.

Kent HDKent HD

Kent HD cigarettes stand out because of their unique taste. Featuring the innovative HD taste system, these cigarettes are the perfect choice for the smoker who is looking for a new, fresh flavor. These cigarettes are imbued with vibrant taste that is highlighted by way of HD technology. Available in packs of 20 and cartons of 200 cigarettes, Kent HD cigarettes have made a name for themselves among those whose fast-paced lifestyle demands reliable quality.

Each Kent HD cigarette contains a robust blend of aged tobacco leaves that gives off a timeless tobacco taste in a futuristic-looking cigarette. This blend offers a satisfying buzz that will please even the most selective smoker. The attractive packaging and geometric imagery make this cigarette box appealing enough to go anywhere you go, while the convenient flip-top design ensures that your favorite cigarette will always be instantly accessible.

Discount Kent ConvertiblesKent Convertibles

Introduced in 2011, Kent Convertibles are relatively new addition to the Kent family of cigarettes. Their ingenious design and flavor combination has quickly made them one of the most-requested cigarettes on the market. Each cigarette contains 4mg of tar and 0.3mg of nicotine, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer a light and smooth taste. Available in packs of 20, this unique cigarette is ready to be shipped worldwide.

The distinctive feature of cheap Kent Convertibles is that it can be converted from a light and smooth tobacco taste to a cool and refreshing menthol with the push of a button. Simply pressing the blue circular button on the cigarette's two-piece filter opens a gelatin capsule for soothing, cooling menthol flavor. Kent Convertibles is perfect for those who prefer a light tobacco taste that is with a refreshing mint finish. Available in a distinctive silver case with a convenient flip top, it is easy to see why this cigarette is so popular.

Kent Super Lights Silver KS HardKent Super Lights Silver KS Hard

Kent Super Lights Silver KS Hard cigarettes are ideal for smokers that are looking for a great tasting and stylish mild cigarette. Kent was one of the first cigarette manufacturers to introduce a filter in their products way back in 1954. From then on, the brand maintains its concern for producing safer tobacco products. The charcoal filter in these cigarettes helps to reduce the amount of impurities that smokers are exposed to, thus Kent Super Light Silvers use less chemicals and additives than many of their competing brands.

Kent Super Lights Silver KS Hard cigarettes have a satisfying taste that is both mild and pleasant. Famous for their slow burn, these cigarettes are known for emitting a nice yet unobtrusive odor. Designed to strike a balance between lightness and strength, Kent Super Lights Silver KS Hard are sold in cartons that contain 10 packs with 20 king-sized cigarettes in each pack. Each king-sized cigarette is rolled in a crisp white paper that is embellished with a delicate circle and the Kent brand logo.